Tuesday, March 6, 2012


For the entire month of February The Flower Shop had tulips for $1 a piece.  I love tulips and what a way to brighten this yucky time of year.  But you know me I drug my feet until the very last day of Feb and then we had a snow storm that buried me in my house......  I guess no tulips.  

Then Friday I met my family for lunch and they said the sale continued for the rest of the week.  I rushed from lunch to The Flower Shop and sure enough the case was empty.  Someone had bought 120 tulips and left none for me.  They happen to find these 6 way back in the cooler so I snatched them up..... 6 is better than none right?  

I called John as soon as I got back to work and thanked him for buying the 120 tulips for me, that was going to be such a sweet surprise when I got home.

The only tulips in my house are these 6 {sigh}

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