Friday, March 9, 2012

G-Man and Grandpa Day

G-Man spent a day this week with Grandpa while Mommy and Grandma worked.  So unfair!!

We didn't know how these two would entertain each other and sometimes Grandpa needs an interpreter to understand Garrett language.  I came home for lunch and they were doing just fine.  Garrett had to show me what Grandpa had taught him.  

How to deal with flies in the windows when you have no flyswatter.  

He colored me a picture, rode 4-wheeler, snuggled, did puzzles, ate mac and cheese, had a snack, drank chocolate milk and played lots and lots of Adam's legos.  This was a grand day for Garrett when he could bring Adam's legos downstairs...... (no Maxwell around).  Grandpa had to sit on the floor with him 
"Grandpa you play with me?"

I'm thinking they are doing just fine.  I got a kiss before I went back to work with a "thank you for having our kids so we could have grandchildren" with a tear in his eye.  


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Too fun! I think he needs a Mally day! Bahaha!! He loves the chatty story telling ones! : )