Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Boy Sneak Peek

This baby boy is so special and so cute.  His momma is here before he was born, she was beautiful and so in love with her baby then I couldn't imagine how she would be when her baby was born.  Well he's here and he's very much loved by his mommy and daddy.  The shoot started out without power so we had to do a quick switch of locations which backed us up a bit into Owen's fussy time.  Momma was so worried about "her boy" but he did fantastic.  We got a couple sleeps out of him and when he was awake he wasn't fussing much.  When you mess with babies you are on their time, they call the shots and you just deal with what you get.  Well we got a super cute little boy and some great shots.

I did a little editing with colors and this next photo he looks so big but he really is tiny.

Such a cute butt we had to capture it before he grows out of those pants.

This is momma looking the same way as her maternity photos but now she has "her boy" to love.

Owen was slowly falling asleep and he did a few head bobs, we had to giggle at him.

Okay now mommy you can relax, Owens first photos are perfect just like your new family.

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