Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ava - Sneak Peek

Our nieces little girl is turning 3 next month.  They came up to visit and stopped by us for some fun pictures of their little girl.  Ava is growing so fast and is such a doll, it could be because we don't get to see her very often.  Regardless of the few times we get to see her she still warms right up to us and gives the biggest hugs ever.  She was all ready for her pictures to be taken this morning and did a fantastic job. This first photo is my favorite, she is a natural.

She wanted her mommy and her to have their picture taken.  I didn't know Sarah at this age but John tells me Ava is a little Sarah.

Isn't she sweet, couldn't be more perfect sitting in my dresser drawers.

I had this hat that wouldn't fit adults so we tried it on Ava, she's rocking the vintage look.

Thank you Ava for being such a good girl, you are a doll and I enjoyed every minute of our morning together.  I hope to see you real soon in Grandma's pool this summer.

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Lynn said...

Love the drawer one!! I can not believe that Ava is 3... and I don't want Mally to turn 3... 3 looks way too grown up!