Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarah's Grandma Vintage Photo

Sarah had her Grandma Vintage Photo taken.  She might not look like Grandma but there is a very strong resemblance to her sisters.  So far I have given John's mom everyones photos and she loves them, this weekend I made her a board to display them on.  There's only 2 more granddaughters and 3 great granddaughters to complete this project...... hummmmm you know who you are.... I always have time for you.  

Here is Little Ava being little Grandma.  I see Mallory in her big time, well if Mallory could grow hair like this.

Sarah and I had some fun with a few more vintage looks.  How can you not with such a pretty girl.

Thank you Sarah for taking time to come see me during your short visit here.  You will make your Grandmother very happy.

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Lynn said...

For real these girls need to teach an eye makeup class. Can we do that at the next Christmas instead of pluck eyebrows?!!? ;) Beautiful pictures!