Friday, April 17, 2009


Here's my Honeysuckle Vine, it's about 7 years old and huge. It's tangled vines become a dazzling display of orange flowers...... not this year. Those 7 years of vines are tangled onto the brush pile never to see another orange flower again. John thought it needed a trim, now the living vines are about 1/4" long, it's okay it will grow back! Before I let John loose with the trimmers anymore we should probably have a discussion about what a trim is. But look at that sunshine and blue skies, how can you be upset with anything when the weather is so nice.

Today at work we have a 3 mile Adopt A Highway stretch that we clean. Let me tell you people are pigs, why do they throw so much stuff out their windows? Here are some of the highlights and let me tell you they are highlights so keep reading.

First we are told not to empty any full Mt Dew bottles..... why? The truck drivers fill them with their own Mountain Dew and when there full they toss them out their windows. Well guess what we found lots of them and they just aren't Mt Dew bottles they also fill up clear bottles so you can tell what it is, then you have to put them in your bag and drag them heavy things along with you.... gross!! Then every person who drives by that section of highway has to smoke or chew and then they throw out the empty packages. We found a full size blanket now how did they manage to throw that out their window? And the beer cans that you find, I think they drank the beer then filled up the Mt Dew bottles and threw them all out the windows. And here's the real kicker.... we found tampons, now what in the world is she doing changing that in the car? Underwear and condoms galore!! By the time we were done I slipped in the slimy ditch water, got one muddy foot, my glasses are covered in dust, my mind is spinning with all the possibilities that happened when this garbage was tossed out the window, my legs are killing me from bending over 3 gatrillion million times but it felt good to clean up a small portion of the highway many people travel everyday.


Jules said...

First, I agree with the trimming. Brian does the same thing. It is scary when he decides to "trim" a shrub. And second, we clean up a couple mile stretch of the highway we live on. It is gross.

Emmerichs Events said...

Way to go Connie. I never understand why people toss so much out the window when they travel - makes no sense to me. I walk a lot and most days I bring trash home and you are right - gross!!

Anonymous said...

that cleaning the ditch thing...gross!!! and I will have to check with my truck driver hubby to see if he uses the mountain dew bottle trick- if so that is so coming to an end - bigger gross!!!!