Monday, April 20, 2009

Highway to home

Today I got to paint blueberry's room. I was so excited to start this project and they are finally ready for me. Lynn had to move her office to blueberry's room due to the bathroom remolding project overflowing into her office space. They got the walls up and painted to move her back down this weekend. So today was my turn to transform the all wood room to a bright baby like nursery. My first coat was primer so that wasn't very exciting but then I started with the butter yellow and it hit me.... they are having a baby! It hit me hard..... THEY ARE HAVING A BABY! I'm not sure what I thought before but this room is stinkin' cute and it's screaming BABY from all four walls. On my way home it was raining, snowing and sleeting and since I can't spoil Lynn's surprise I'll show you my yucky drive home.

Don't worry I didn't look through the camera I just held it up and snapped away, I wasn't even sure if I got a good photo until I got home. I really like it, especially the road going straight through the middle of my photo, and then the 2 semi's spraying water near the foggy skyline. Usually you want to have the focal point off to the side of the photo but this one works perfect in the center.

Your photo should always have a beginning, middle and end to create interest for the viewer. The beginning is the highway, the middle is the semi's and the end is the foggy skyline. Look at the photo again and see if you eye just naturally follows that path. Pull up some of your photos and see if you have a beginning, middle and end. If not go outside and practice or crop one you already have, you'll really like the outcome.

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