Saturday, April 4, 2009


Adam and Michelle went to Prom today. It was so much fun having them at the house to take pictures. Of course they had to get up on the dresser, thank goodness Michelle is used to me snapping pictures of everything and making everyone do silly stuff.

Here's our handsome son, he's been in a tux so many times in his 18 years, but every time I see him in one I just can't believe how tall and skinny he is.

Did you think I was just going to show you him? Of course you get to see his date, the most important part of Prom..... the dress, hair, jewelry, and shoes!! That's John's son being his normal naughty self, but I think Michelle can handle him.


Emmerichs Events said...

Love the photos.

Megan Lynn said...

WOW! HE doesn't look like the little boy that used to be afraid to hug me! He is so grown up! I love the pictures.

The Rau's said...

My favorite picture!!

Jules said...

Awesome pictures.