Sunday, April 5, 2009

Late March Color - Green

I realize and maybe you did too....I didn't do my color post for March and of course it's green since it is the month of the Irish. Green; my favorite color and I've been struggling with a POTD for green. I knew in my head what I wanted but everytime I proofed the photos it didn't speak green to me. My hard drive is jam packed with un-used, not the right, just plain ain't gonna do.... green photos. Yesterday as I'm in the produce isle I see a kiwi....... that's it, so I buy one. I get to the checkout lady and of course she has to comment on me buying one kiwi.

Checkout Lady - "what are you gonna do with only one kiwi?"
Me - speechless, not sure what to tell her "I just need it for a project"
Checkout Lady - "what kind of project do you need a kiwi for?"
Me - thinking "what's it to you?" but I said "I need to take a picture of it for the color green"
Checkout Lady - "why?"
Me - thinking "if you would quit talking you could do your job a whole lot faster", but said "because my color for March was green and I need to take a picture of green"
Lady behind me - "the inside of a kiwi is beautiful, you are gonna love it"
Me - "thanks, I hope so"
Checkout Lady - "paper or plastic?"
Me - running as fast as I can away from the store swearing under my breath how I hate shopping and I'm never gonna go there ever again, I will starve before I step foot in another grocery store again! Until next week.

The lady behind me was right, my late March color - green.

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