Friday, April 10, 2009

Signs of Warmer Weather

Our niece had her baby today, may have taken her a while to enter this world but with it being so cold she was just waiting for the nice weather. Her name is Ava, We've only seen pictures since "S" does not live near us, she looks just like her mommy.

We also had another Hemmer baby born last weekend to our nephew and his girlfriend "J". He was 3 weeks early and was suppose to be born after Ava. His name is Eric and so far I haven't even seen pictures of him, they are not far from us so hopefully next week we'll make the trip over to see them. Eric is John's parents first great grandchild to carry on the Hemmer name. So far there are 9 great grandchildren, the family is continuing to grow and it's so fun to have them all together. We hope they all come to Lynn's shower so we can meet them in person.

Since I don't have pictures of Eric or Ava I have a photo of life, it's the beginning of a beautiful summer and a growing family.

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