Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weak Knees and Heavy Heart

I'm going to get a little deep so all those who may shed a tear I'm sorry. Last week a friend of mine received the worst phone call a parent could possibly want. Their son (who is an adult) was rushed to the emergency room with only minutes to spare of him losing his life. To make a very long story short and to protect their privacy I will not get into the details. All last week we prayed and kept that family in our thoughts hoping for the best. The father returned to work this week after his son was released from the hospital. The first moment I seen him my heart felt heavy and my knees weak. He looked at me and I at him and the only words I could muster were "I'm so sorry". He nodded his head and said thank you. He reached for my hand and asked me to join a group of people at the popcorn table at 9:15. I felt all the pain pass through him and into my hand, it was the weirdest feeling I had ever felt. I continued to feel pain in my hand for at least 15 minutes. I knew how hard it was to come back to work with news that you felt you needed to share with your work family as I had done this 5 years ago after Memorial Weekend. I know now my story included a life, a new beginning, a precious little girl and not a death or sickness. My work family said "Congratulations Grandma" after hearing my story, I expected something else, I'm not sure what but they were all very supportive. I will remember that day in my head for the rest of my life.

The time ticked by so slowing for the next hour and a half, my mind was swimming in thoughts as I prayed for my knees not to give out as I walked back to the popcorn table at 9:14. The story I heard immediately brought tears to my eyes as the father broke down telling us what had happened during their first hours and days after reaching the hospital where their son is fighting for his life. My tears continued and my heart felt as if it was bleeding for him as he fought for the words to come out of his mouth. His son has a long road ahead of him along with his parents as their college student is back home again relying on their love and support to help him through this difficult time. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering they have went through as parents. So now is the time to give your kids a hug, support them as they grow into young adults helping them to make good decisions in the rough world that is out there. Educate them about good decisions of their own and others that may not care about their safety when it comes to "having a good time".
Now after I write this story I'm not sure this is a good picture but it's late and I don't know what else to post since it's Self-Portrait Tuesday. My thought was my work clothes, heavy heart, weak knees and the weird feeling I had in my hand all in the same photo. Now I can't see that at all but this is what I got.

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