Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nephew's Wedding

Today was my nephew's wedding reception at his parent's house. The forecast was rain and chilly but the day was great. The sun was out all day and they are protected by the pines so it was warm enough for sundresses. It was a very nice reception for him and his new bride. "Do not marry the person you can live with... instead marry the person you cannot live without". Congratulations "M" and "B" the best is yet to come.

Today is also 15 years ago that my mother passed away. It seems like yesterday to us, the time flies by but there's not a day that has went by that I have not thought about her in some way or another. 15 years ago during her last days she still had us kids knowing who was the boss. On Wednesday we were all called home from work because they didn't think mom was going to make it though the afternoon..... it took us all too long to get there, she wasn't ready to go anymore. Friday we again got called home... it was time... again we took too long and we parked our cars all over the yard... "there's plenty of room to park, get those cars in line".... then Sunday morning dad calls us all home. We get there (parked our cars in line) and since we're all there together it wasn't the time to leave us. All the families spent all day eating, laughing, helping mom it was a long day but we all did it together. Monday morning mom decided to slip away in her sleep and not bother any of us to hurry home, we had been together the day before and that is what she wanted. I'll never forget that last week that we had with her, the worst week of my life and the best week of my life at the same time. She was a wonderful person that I never really got to know. Love you Mom!


The Rau's said...

You need to warn me when you are going to make my cry.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing, I was in tears this morning!! Shann

Natalie said...

I knew your Mom had passed away but I didn't know you were so young when it happened. I'm so sorry you didn't get the chance to have more time with her.

Jim & Deb said...

I remember how she would put notes around your house by the light switches reminding everyone to turn them off.