Monday, June 16, 2008

"Superstitious" Iris

I finally have a flower on my "Superstitious" Iris. I got this Iris as a small little single leaf from my sister Sharon during one of her trips to Wisconsin (I have to share with my other sisters and this time I got last pick or they know I'm not an Iris lover). I treated this one and the other 3 kinds that I had gotten from her like babies. It may have taken a few years but this Iris grew and got tons of flowers, it was getting to big for the area I had him in so I dug him up and moved him.... well they all rotted in the ground over that winter. So thank goodness I forgot a tiny piece still in the ground from the original place, it may have taken another 3 years but it finally bloomed again. It's so purple that it looks black. I think I'll leave him here now.

The other 3 Iris's - 2 did not make it at all, 1 bloomed "Glad Rags" and it was just as pretty and then the next year it was gone. I wasn't a Iris fan but the speciality ones are worth the effort, I just have to figure out how to plant them..... I know, I know... put their feet in the ground and their bellies in the sun. :)

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