Monday, June 9, 2008

Favorite Hat

I'm embarrassed to show you all this but it's part of what's happening so I have to. I have always felt my children's clothes are a reflection of me. Not so much the style of them but if they were clean, wrinkle free, smell nice, white is white, no holes in them. So this is diffidently a challenge for me to allow. John and I threatened that it better not be worn in public anymore.... I heard through a few people how they liked my son's hat. The hat was finally banned from his work by the boss, he's working in a kitchen for gosh sakes!! So I talk to him again about how he cannot wear that hat anywhere, it's embarrassing your mother. Everyone has bought him hats trying to replace this one and nothing has worked, we bought him this hat in Oregon when we moved Lynn and Jesse out there, he clinged to it like it brought them closer to him. It was so touching at first.... then as the hat wore it became cute that he didn't want to give it up... then it became stained and torn and the cuteness wore off... it became ratted and we diffidently have a problem.... it's from Target for gosh sakes Adam... it became un-recognizable as a hat, Lynn and Jesse are living back in Wisconsin so threats had to come next and they did I just can't tell you want they were on here!! Well about 4 weeks ago I got an e-mail from one of his teachers on how he left his "so called hat" unattended and it became lost. "WHAT he's wearing that to school, in school, in class, by people, in broad daylight????" OMG - I sent an e-mail back to the teacher begging him to throw it in the garbage.

Today was the last day of school and look what he came home with and his grin was ear to ear or shred to shred. So another threat came again tonight "Adam you seriously cannot wear that thing outside this house or even in this house ever again" "I will take away your bed, make you sleep on the floor and get you up every morning at 4am with your father during summer vacation if I ever hear of you wearing that hat again" There, that ought to do it, mess with a teenagers sleeping and they crumble!!
Now take a look at my punk under the so called favorite hat.
And just for those that want a closer look here's two more photos
Guess who drove out the driveway tonight with his hat still on??
What am I going to do with this kid?? And I was so close to this being in the garbage.


The Rau's said...

Maybe while he's sleeping you could "accidentally" get rid of it.
He showed me the ransom note for the hat from the teacher..that was funny.

Kelly said...

I commented on his hat once and I liked the remark I got from him so I never said a thing about his hat again. Adam is a neat kid and if that is the worse thing he does you are blessed!!

PS the comment was (I know you are dying to know)

"I like it and thats all that matters"

Lynn said...

So.... when Adam came home last night (after he left w/ the hat) did he have a bed??? Did Dad get him up at 4 this morning??? Pretty sure I know the answers to both of those questions. ; )

Ah - to be the youngest! Good thing he has 2 older sisters that keep in check! : )

Anonymous said...

OMG- seriously why even were it- there is like nothing let to that thing!!! Poor Adam. LOL!!!!


Natalie said...

I think it should be called a visor now instead of a hat since there's hardly a top left. Maybe that will do the trick. Visors are not near as "cool" as hats! I don't even understand how it got like this. Brandon has worn some hats for a long time and none even compare to how bad Adam's is!! :)