Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tulip Overload

Today I shot a few hundred photos of my tulips.  I first went outside and wasn't happy with anything I got.  First of all I was freezing, second - nothing else is pretty right now, third - my tulips are really not good this year, pretty scattered and not able to capture any in the background.  So I brought some inside and had an hour or so of fun.  

I might have gotten carried away but I don't think you'll mind.

You can see how the tulips opened up as I shot them.  If you look at all my images you will see them open.  So cool!!  John and I covered my patio chairs today but before I could do that I had to use the fabric.  2 chairs are striped....

and 4 chairs are flowered.  We did get the chairs done and for half the summer I will keep it painted white and the second half of the summer I'm going to pick a color and paint it.  I love my spray paint :)

Here is a bit of a painterly look.  

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Laura's Journey said...

Beautiful Flowers and Pictures.. I have to share my latest google search with you. I was googling Hemmer Funeral Home ( for a family obit) you are right under them Hemerich photography and right under you is hemorrhoids! It just made me giggle..
Anyway your tulips are lovely!!