Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

This Saturday we took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt at Country Corners, they had over 600 eggs hidden for all age groups.  The parents got refreshments for the long hunt, the rules were read, age groups were given their color and quantity and the hunt started.  Elly was gone in a flash, she had never been here before nor do I think she knew any of the kids but that didn't matter to her.  The rest of us gathered outside to find yellow eggs for Garrett and pink for Max and Mally.  Garrett was done in a matter of minutes, he knew his color as "momma's favorite" and he picked them all up for her.  In this photo I think he's telling on someone for finding too many eggs.

Maxwell started out great, finding 2 pink eggs but that was it for him, he was done.

I told Mallory the Easter Bunny was behind her and Lynn said that was the problem, she was frozen in her tracks.  That bunny was getting too close to her and she didn't like it.  I'm not sure but I think Lynn was afraid of the Easter bunny too and from the looks of this photo she still might be.

To accent a subject in your photo it's a good idea to frame them with a natural frame..... This is a perfect example done totally by accident.  I just wish I would have gotten Lynn's full hand because I'm sure she is pointing out an egg for Mally.

Here are the stragglers keeping their eyes open for BIG Easter Eggs, they have beer coupons in them.

I did see Elly for a split second as she was running to find out what was happening by the Easter Bunny.

If you know what Jesse does for a living you understand why he is questioning the Easter bunny.... he can't ever leave his job at work.  LOL

It was so cool to see the colored eggs all hidden around the yards, all the kids that were there from the oldest to the youngest had smiles on their faces as they ran up to grab the eggs.

I did get Elly to take the others out for a hunt, she really hates to hang out with the "little kids" when there are big kids around.  We lost Mallory for bit.... she was with us and all of a sudden she was gone.  We panicked slightly until Lynn found her on the heels of Elly and her new friends, poor Mallory cried lots when Elly ignored her.  Mallory is Elly's shadow and doesn't understand why she can't hang with her all the time. 

This was really fun.  Tammee and Opie...... we'll be back next year.

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