Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunday Beauty

Since we had our Easter on Saturday John and I had Sunday to ourselves.  Of course I wanted to clean, organize, change seasons in my closet, laundry, gardening, painting, sanding, distressing..... this list goes on and on.  But I knew that wouldn't be much of a distraction for John to pass the holiday with a quiet house so I suggested we go for a Jeep ride.  What I thought would be a ride for an hour or so turned into 6 hours, we put on lots of miles but we had a wonderful day with just the two of us.

One of our stops included a new rivers edge that was fun to explore.  I had along my camera (of course) and I found my way down to the side of the river, John stumbles down the steep incline wondering how I got down there.  I'm taking picture and he says.... is there something down there?  I ignore him and keep shooting..... Connie is there something down there?  I answer I don't know how about I use my big ole' zoom lens and check it out.  So this is the photo I took which is zoomed quite a bit farther than where we were standing.  Can you see what he seen?  Yeah me neither until I zoomed up with the camera.  Keep looking

So we climb our way back up the riverbank to chase down what we're seeing.  There is a path that winds along the river on the top so that is where we are heading.  Here is the start of the path.

After along ways we finally get close enough for me to use the zoom lens and get a photo where you can actually see what he seen.  We now have to be more quiet and sneak between trees trying not to crunch the pine needles to loud.  As we snuck up on him the branches that hung between us prevented me from getting a good shot but we watched him take a big ole dump in the water {it splashed big time} and then he flew down the river just inches from the water.  So cool to watch, if only there wouldn't have been so many trees and a huge drop off preventing me from getting a good shot of him.  Here is the one view that I did get.

Here is another look at the path we were walking on.... and by the way we walked a long ways down without realizing it.  On the way out I found some moss that I love to put in my flower pots so I loaded up my arms with dirty bug infested moss.  You don't even want to know what all went down my shirt on the walk out, let's just say I was a bit jumpy and squealy.  Finding that moss was the highlight of my day.

The highlight of John's day.... finding $1.25 on the ground when I was picking up the moss.

After we finally got back to the Jeep we drove down this one path road which I'm not sure we were suppose to be on but it took us down the steep incline right down to the river.  

Now if we can figure out how to get back to this place we found by total accident.  I might need more moss :)


Shawna said...

Mike knows exactly where you were...he asked me "Who let them down in there?" Pretty sure it's private property...but we've been there a few times too :)

Connie said...

Shawna there was no sign or is this "Mike's" private property :)

Shawna said...

Nope no sign where you went in. I think you were at the Rib River Dells. It is beautiful back there. We used to go there a lot and then we were told by some guy that we weren't supposed to be there without permission from some family. Well, I think if they don't want us back there they should put up some keep out signs:)