Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maxwell is almost a year

Maxwell is almost a year old.  It seems like yesterday that we had our family Easter dinner in the hospital.  He has given this family so many laughs and so much love in his short year, I can't wait to see what else this little boy has for us to enjoy.  

The girls and I had lunch with grandma and grandpa Hemmer on Friday and Lynn says "I'm getting Max's pictures taken this afternoon" and Grandma says "oh that's great who's taking them?"............... the look on my face was priceless.  Well it gave us a few laughs

Lynn and I thought we'd stick with the tie look for Maxwell that we started for his Valentine picture.  This time I made him this shirt.... plus 3 more with other cute patterns.  He looks so darn cute in his Little Man shirt.

Then we got out the big man ties.  The day before he took a digger climbing on something and daddy insisted that I not photoshop it out.  That's his tough little boy and he needs to be proud of those scars.

You will never guess what we caught on film......... yes we got him standing by himself for the first time.

Of course Mallory the big sister was in the house snuggling with Grandpa but she came out for a couple quick shots with her brother.  Here she is warming up to the camera

They are so cute but then again it might just be because I'm the grandma.......... or whoever took these photos is damn good :)


LisaS said...

WOW- you are really good at this picture taking thing..you ever think of doing it part time???:-)

Seriously GREAT job as always. Mr. Max is so darn cute. Getting to be such a big boy.


arturlington said...

Simply outstanding! (as always)!!!! I adore your work!!!!