Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss and Little Miss Sneak Peeks

Miss and Little Miss were struck with the flu which caused a bit of a delay in these photos but they made up for lost time.  I'm sure glad I'm not their mother and having to pick from the photos that we took.  Not only are they beautiful little girls they are so sweet and polite.  Little Miss came over sleeping and this is what we got about 4 photos into it.  She loved the camera.  

Here they are in their Easter dresses, they love their fufu, pink and frills like little girls should.

My favorite

Loving the vintage look with the girls so I may have went overboard..... oh well

I had a dresser drawer painted up for our Jazzed Up Junk Sale so why wouldn't I use it for my Pink Girls.  It also kept Little Miss in one spot.  She won't be a year until June but she's already walking and there is no stopping her.

I had some Vintage fun with Miss while Little Miss changed into her Baptismal Gown.  She thought it was extra special to have one on one attention.

Here is Little Miss in her Baptism Gown made by her Grandma from Mom's wedding dress shawl.  She looks like a little doll in it.  I was so afraid of her trying to walk with the gown so long but she managed just like a pro.

A little vintage for her too.

Thank you Shannon, it was fun getting to visit with you again too.  Your girls are so cute and those eyes on Little Miss have been pulling me in all night long.

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