Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Total Mistake

  This photo is a complete mistake, I metered too bight and the sun was shining with no cloud cover which resulted in a way too bright photo..... but I like it.  Good mistakes make me happy.

Tonight we were to start loading up for a wedding we were decorating for and I got a phone call from the brides mother to say the wedding has been canceled.  The groom's mother is in intensive care from a bug bite and could use a few prayers from anyone knowing what it's like to plan a wedding for the past year....what exciting times you should be going through...... and now they have to cancel everything in 4 days.  Tears have over-come me for the entire family and all the stress they are having to deal with right now. 

Then we went to visit John's mother who was admitted to the hospital this morning..... finding that his father was admitted in the afternoon.  The hospital doesn't have double rooms anymore so I visited with mom and he took dad's room.  Mom looked good by the time we left but dad looked weak but he's a half a day behind her.  

What's wrong you ask?  Well here is the Elly story that she told the teachers, bus driver, secratary and anyone else that would listen to her.  Grandma Great broke her leg, that's why she didn't get out of her chair this morning, then when she was on the playground Grandma Great took a ride in the helicopter because she was really sick. 

Okay now what's really wrong.... they got a viral infection from ???? and they couldn't fight it off themselves and became dehydrated.  They will probably stay a couple days but they are being very well taken care of.   Grandma Great did twist her knee so she is wearing a brace {hence the broken leg story}  Now Elly is coming here in the morning for Grandpa John to feed her breakfast and drive her to school.  We'll see what stories she tells about him!!

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The Rau's said...

well breaking her leg is a better story than the last time we had a grandma story from ellyn and jake :)