Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Table

Nothing better than your holiday table before the chaos begins. 

Our family is growing, we all still fit at the dining room table but real soon we'll have to have a "kids table". 
When we would go to mom and dad's for holiday meals we had a kids table, adult table and then a run off into the livingroom.  When you got to sit at the adult table it was true braggin' rights, being child number 8, I never got to the adult table, but I John has.  He and my brother-in-laws had my mom wrapped around their little finger.  They could smooth talk her into anything, and the adult table got the most food!   My brother Randy and I liked to claim the "walk-around" and eat so we could use a separate plate for each food group, you don't want your potatoes to touch your ham, that would be gross.

Our family had a great holiday, lots of good food and playing outside. 

I have to tell you a funny story about Elly.  I bought her a shirt for an Easter gift and it's a longer shirt, like what's in style and she loves it.  She gives me a big hug and says thank you for the dress. 
Me - Elly it's a shirt not a dress
Elly - no grandma it's a dress, it's long
Me - Miss El this dress would be too short
Elly - No really grandma it's a dress and I love it
Me - You go try it on and you'll see it's too short for a dress
Elly - See grandma it covers my underwear
Me - Only when you're standing straight
Elly - No really you won't see my underwear, it's a dress
Me - Honey, you really can't wear this as a dress or the boys will see your butt cheeks
Elly - Thank you grandma I love my dress

So if any of you happen to see Elly in school with a really, really short dress that she is standing as straight as a board to not show her underwear she wasn't sent there like that, I'm sure she took her pant or leggings off that her mother sent her to school in.  {Shan, it's not my fault}


Anonymous said...

She wore the shirt(dress) to Kelly's yesterday, and as far as I know the pants never came off. She didn't even ask me to not wear the pants. I think we finally convinced her.

Jules said...

I never made it to the adult table either.....