Saturday, April 3, 2010

The house IS haunted

On many occasions I've thought this house was haunted, by who I'm not sure.  They must be pleasant ghosts because after 27 years they have not hurt anyone.  Let me tell you some of the times I got the ghost chills and see if any of you think we're nuts for still living here.

When Lynn was about 2 I was painting her old small bedroom into the new babies room.  She was playing with a zoo mobile and started to bat at it pretty hard and that mobile was spinning and twisting all over, all of a sudden we heard a very large "roar" like a lion and Lynn's eyes got big and she stopped batting the mobile and I got instant chills, she started crying so I grabbed her and ran from the room.  I did finish painting the room later.... the mobile went in a box and sent to the garage, it's probably still there. 

Next time the house was haunted Shannon was sleeping in a basinet in the dining room and all 3 of us were upstairs sleeping and we hear a crash.  We run downstairs and the shelf that was hanging above the basinet had fallen off the wall but nothing on it broke, and the picture hooks were still on the shelf, the nails were still in the wall and not bent.  But to top all that, the shelf should have fallen right on top of Shannon but her bassinet was pushed away from the wall and the shelf fell between the wall and her.

Freaked out yet..... I got lots more.  This night we are eating supper, Adam was only 5, we are all chatting about school or things 2 little girls chat about and Adam runs to the bathroom and comes back as white as a ghost, his eyes are huge.  I ask him what's wrong and he says "he's in there", "who's in there?", "he is", and he would not go back in there.  I'm not going in there either, are you crazy, I can't even push one of the girls in there and John and I certainly aren't going in there. 

Okay one last ghost story and then I'll tell you why I'm talking about ghost.  After our nephew passed away my sister Starla and her husband Brad gave us lots of trees to plant out at the shack in his memory, it was a cold May day and we all planted these trees.  I brought the kids home, cleaned them up and put them to bed.  Then I walked into the kitchen and was just standing there looking out the window at nothing and all of a sudden a birthday candle started playing Happy Birthday.  The candle needs heat to play, I jumped back and finally got the nerve to open the cupboard door and touch the candle to see if it was warm.   It continued to play in my hand and then I got a little freaked and got that cold shiver and it stopped.  I was just about to put it down when it started playing again, I held onto it for about 1 minute and then put it down and it stopped.  That's the only time that candle played without being lit.

Okay now tonight's story..... So last night John and I are watching TV and he starts to look up at the ceiling and then again and again.  I finally ask
Me - "What are you looking at?"
John - "did you see that?"
Me - "See what?"
John - "That shadow move, it's floating"
Me - "What?"
John - "That shadow moves"
Me - "There's nothing up there"
We watch TV again and then he says "Did you see it?", "did you see it now?", "Can't you see it", "right there", "Look now".  Okay this is getting old and now I'm kinda freaking a little bit that there is a ghost like shadow that John can see floating around our ceiling.  It seriously is moving around the entire ceiling and don't tell John but one time I did see it but didn't want to admit it. 

I did however have to take this moment to point out that I cleaned the ceiling fan that day, in case he was trying to get my attention to mention the cleaning activity.  Yuck they are disgusting when you shut them off.  That wasn't it, he never noticed.

Okay so tonight he's looking at the ceiling again and says "it's back".  Great, do you want to know how much sleep I lost over this last night and now I get to do it again.  Tonight he decides to tell me what it is, do you think he should be messing with this face????

A ladybug got inside the light on the ceiling fan and walks around it causing a floating shadow that moves and seriously looks like a ghost like object floating around the house. 


Suziq said...

You had me on the edge of my seat. Glad it was a ladybug. However, I do believe in ghosts and there are certain things you can do if you want them out of your home. Happy ghost hunting:)

Jules said...

We lived in a "haunted" house for 8 years. I think he was a nice ghost, just a pain in the butt to live with...

Rita said...

I thought we had a ghost in thr farm house. Every morning my cuckoo clock was stopped!!! This went on for several years- well, come to find out Jules snuck down and stopped the pendulum every night because she couldn't get to sleep with the ticking. She never told us until she had the ghost in her home.

Photos by Julee said...

We keep wondering if we have a ghost in the house we live in now. Heather is convinced we had one that lived with us in the farm house. Anyway, the house we are in now, Aubree told us there is a ghost that lives here. His name is Mr. Hinke and he carrys a black case that he lives in. She asks us every once in a while how he is. She has told us where he usually sits, etc. Kind of freaky, but they say kids are better at seeing that stuff than adults.

lbjohnston said...


Your ghost must be a nice one otherwise stranger things would be happening.

I will have to tell you about my mom someday. She passed away in 2007, but she is here whenever we get really really stressed.

Miss you.... laurie