Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Triple Play Tuesday

Tuesday's have been Self-Portrait Tuesday, Photoshop Tuesday and now Happy Tuesday, tonight you get all three. I got a fun present in the mail and had to fill it up on my lunch hour. I got a new camera bag, my old bag could not zip anymore so when I would take my camera with me I flung it over my shoulder and hoped nothing would fall out. Most days I just took the camera and a spare lens with no bag, it was easier. Now this bag I can fit my camera, my lens, my external flash, my manual, a pen, notebook, filters, cleaning cloth, note cards, my lunch, a bottle of water and zip it with room to spare.

Here is Self Portrait Happy Tuesday

And for a Triple Play here is a fun artistic Photoshop version of the same photo

I was on the waiting list for this bag for about the last month, I got an e-mail that they were again in stock, I ordered it and they were sold out within 1 hour of the e-mail. It is fantastic and I'm so glad I responded as quickly as I did, gotta love that Internet shopping. :)


The Rau's said...

oooohhhhh, i love that bag!! take a picture of it all filled up so i can see how much room is in there.
cute, cute, cute!!

Anonymous said...

and its green...LOL


Lynn said...

I was just thinking about this bag yesterday and wanted to see it in person. I'll be right over! This bag/purse is way bigger then you usually have... if you can't handle it let me know. ; )

Photos by Julee said...

How funny - I just ordered a new bag that is similar to that on Saturday. Can't wait to get it. Mine is Cranberry Croc. Bring yours to class so I can see! Looks awesome!

Jules said...

Surprise surprise...it's green.

Too funny. I have a bag (not for my 2x3 inch camera) just like that, but of course.........it's red!

Patti said...

Love It!!! It is so you!!