Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday

So Tuesday's have brought me from Self-Portrait Tuesday to Photoshop Tuesday and now

Lynn thinks I should take picture of John every Tuesday...... hee hee hee

how about Happy Tuesday? I will post item that make me happy, in today's world as the news and jobs concentrate on the bad things or the negative we need to keep the things that make us happy at the top of our list.

To start out the 1st item of what makes me happy was suppose to be a bottle of Mt Dew, I seriously love my soda it's what makes me happy every morning, it completes my day no matter what happens..... It's my drink of choice. John now sneaks out of the house on the weekends and brings me home a bottle of Mt Dew, the best gift ever. So I tried to take a picture of my Mt Dew bottle..... not very interesting so Sunday afternoon I had a cup of Hot Cocoa with a Candy Cane and that's a second favorite and make me happy and also makes a much better photo..... I also put in Buttershots thanks to my friend L. :)

Happy Tuesday Hot Cocoa on a below zero day, with a kick!!


Jules said...

I love Buttershots in hot cocoa, but I love it in my coffee too. Coffee is my drink of choice and I would love a surprise cup from Brian in the afternoon too. Those guys.....so sweet.

Lynn said...

I love coming over there on the weekends and stealing sips of your soda! I don't buy that stuff because it is dangerous! Although, my mornings might be a little more happier if I had a green can in my hand. Instead I'll drink my water out of a green glass and trick myself! : )

Rule of thirds!! I spotted it instantly! I saw the candy can, then the marshmellows and circled the glass!

Photos by Julee said...

Rule of thirds - yeah! Looks good but, I'm with Julie - coffee with buttershots. mmmmm I also like the focus on the "good" in our life. We all need to do that a little more.