Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon

Tonight was the full moon and as we were driving home from Lynn and Jesse's I saw this church with the moon shining so bright behind it and asked very nicely for him to turn around..... "OMG TURN AROUND" yep that's how nicely I asked, and he did. :)

Now getting the photo was another story, the church was so tall and there was a house in the way so I would be like a peeping tom if I backed up far enough to get the full church so I laid in their driveway (yep laid down, not even kidding) with my tri-pod leaning back on me just so I could hold it still enough. Totally worth it.

Here is the color version


Anonymous said...

very cool....


Anonymous said...

That was a great full moon. I am so happy you caught it. I'm glad you didn't have to explane to the cops why you needed to take a nap on the ground with your camera. By the way this might have had something to do with the back going out. HMMMM