Friday, January 22, 2010


I love the HGTV show "Color Something", it used to be called "Get Color". She designs a color wheel with all their favorite things and lets them pick their paint colors based on the color wheel. I did this when painting my kitchen and it was so much fun and by using the color wheel I painted my kitchen a color a don't even like, Eggplant Purple. But since I had green already on the floor and counter tops, purple is the neighbor to green and they look great together. I've since learned to like purple, must be dark like eggplant though.

I'm not ready to do any painting yet in the house but I wanted to snap a few pictures with some fun colors so I did the color wheel again and got lots of great color coordinating photos. Here are two of my many favorites.

I did have them all laid out in a color wheel circle but had to stand on top of the table to get everything in the photo so I smashed it all together. My eye goes right for the green area and then the aqua. I did a color personality test and my results were..... I like color that come from nature, I enjoy looking at the colors from walks in the woods and on the beach. My colors are green, blue and brown.

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Jules said...

I went straight to the yellow and orange. Yep, the right side is my side....