Thursday, January 7, 2010

More snow and Red Bull

Today I traveled with Adam to take care of 2nd semester stuff and to sign for his apartment. Yep, he's moving out this weekend. Even through this kid is never home I'm going to miss our talks when he gets home, after we're already in bed and he likes to jabber about everything.

His first semester was 18 credits/ work and driving back and forth. Now this semester he starts very early and gets done even later so adding drive time to that would be crazy, especially in the winter. During our drive home we seen many cars in the ditch from the black ice that we were driving on. We also seen a Red Bull Truck that had flipped over on it's side and when they flipped it back over the door gave way and Red Bull cans were everywhere. Adam wanted to stop and pick it up, I wanted to stop and take a picture..... we didn't do either since it probably wasn't the safest thing to do for either of us. It took forever to get home..... a pretty clear reminder that even though I will miss him during the week it is better for all of us.

I may not have stopped while on the highway but the back roads were a different story.

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Photos by Julee said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely. I feel your pain, whether the first or last child, I don't think it is ever easy when they leave. When Jenn comes home for the weekend, it is still difficult when she leaves and it has been 10 years. So glad to hear Adam is doing well too.