Sunday, September 20, 2009

Us in holy land

We spent most of our weekend outside, we have been having beautiful weather and what better way to spend it than outside in the woods. Getting all the kids together for a family picture is almost impossible, I tried Friday night but by the time Adam got home it was dark, Garrett was crabby and Shan was leaving. I will try again in October, but until then it's just John and I. I didn't bring my tripod so I used a couple of branches to balance the camera and hope for the best. I ran back and forth about a dozen times trying to get at least most of our heads in the photo. I had the camera so far away that I bearly made it in time so some of them are action shots. Here was one of th nice ones.

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The Rau's said...

YOU BALANCED YOUR CAMERA ON BRANCHES?! yes..I am yelling at you :)