Monday, September 21, 2009

Adam's new wheels

Yep Adam got new wheels, it was time to say good bye to his pride and joy. He loved his car and so did everyone else that pointed at it, took pictures of him and those in uniforms pulled him over just to see if he was doing anything wrong. The ole car is shown in the background and the new truck in the front. Same color just a slightly different look.


How many antennas did Adam have on his car?
How many stickers were on his car?
How many deer horns?
What color is his roof?
Does the hood scoop really have a purpose?
What color are the mirrors and doorhandles on the outside of the car?
What color are the door handles on the inside?
What color duct tape was used to cover all the gadgets that weren't bolted down on the inside of the car?
How many Mt Dew cans are on the floor?
What animal skull is used in the headlight opening?
What tire did he have to pump up every morning before driving to school?
How often did it get stuck in park and cause Adam to call for a ride?
I guess it was time.... if you get all the answers correct you can have first choice at buying the ole beast. :) None of those above mentioned items better be found on the new wheels..... right son?

Nice truck Adam we are all very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Love ya, Mom and Dad


Jules said...

Wow, now that's a change. We won't be able to recognize him anymore. He used to be so easy to identify when coming at ya.

Anonymous said...

Stickers~over 150
Deer Horns~2
Color of roof~black and yellow strips
Hood Scoop Purpose~Michelle's name is on it
Color of mirrors and doorhandles outside~Blue
Color of door handles inside~Orange
Color of duct tape~Camo
Mt Dew cans~4
Animal Skull~Deer
Tire~Driver Side Front
Stuck in Park~4, Michelle 1 so about 5

There are all the answers, we don't want to buy the should put it in the Eve!!!! Wink Wink

Shannon and Michelle!!

Michelle did all the work, I just typed it!

Lynn said...

Hey thats cheating!!! Michelle gave you the answers!! Wait! Now Michelle has to drive it! LOL! She has to take it to school!! Haahahaha!! Don't worry Michelle you'll be one hot babe in it!! Michelle you don't have to drive like a grandpa in it! You can drive fast!! If it will let you!

I was going to guess, but Michelle is going to win!

Emmerichs Events said...

Way to go Adam, but I am with Julie on this one - Now we won't know when he is coming down the road. Can't he add just a couple antenaes/stickers/horns/etc? Although, that truck looks too nice to do that.

The Rau's said...

I do know that there is a deer skull where a headlight should be cuz it freaked me out one day when i walked past it. I'm going to guess a bazillion stickers and half a bazillion antennas.
I'm not going to let Josh play, cuz he would know all the answers and would seriously want me to buy it and save it until he's 16.
Can he at least put something on the truck so that we know it's him coming....maybe 1 deer horn?

Anonymous said...

ok lynn.. i got the antennas wrong its 11 which i knew that lol. but i was good on the rest but i drove it to school.. mhmm.. never ever again! its going BYE BYE! smashed!!! :) if only dad would go for it haha! but i did look pretty cute in it! .. NOT enough to be buying it. Michelle

Lynn said...

Michelle you crack me up!!