Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too much wine

Okay so since I trust all of you to not laugh too hard at me I'll talk about how I know now that I drank too much wine last night. Now remember I'm trusting you not to laugh or judge me for what I do (did) that I can remember and what I did that I can't.

So we're leaving the winery at about 10:30, we had a 40th birthday party for my brother Brian that we were suppose to go to long before 10:30.... oppppps time got away from us. We get into the truck, thank goodness John did not have too much wine so he drove (good idea huh). As we are driving out of the driveway my cell phone beeps and here is how the drive home unfolds.

Me - {digging for my purse, then digging for my cell phone} I must not have brought my phone with me?
John - "Yes hunny you brought your cell phone"
Me - {stop digging and put my purse down because I'm sure I didn't bring it}
[phone beeps again]
Me - "Oh I must have a message" {digging again for my cell phone} "I must not have it"
John - "Connie you can hear it beeping"
Me - "Yeah but I can't find it so I must not have brought it with me"
John - {laughing at me}
[phone beeps again]
Me - "darn where is that phone {digging again in my purse and my purse is the size of a cigar box so it should get too lost in there}
Me - "It's probably my family mad at me for not being at the party yet"
John - "Hummm I'm not sure they would want you coming there anymore"
[phone beeps again]
Me - "Honey why didn't I bring my cell phone with me?" {digging one more time through all the pockets in my purse and coming up with nothing}
John - {pulling over to check my purse}
Me - "what's the matter, why are you pulling over"
John - "I'm going to look for your cell phone"
Me - "oh hun don't bother I didn't bring it with me"
John - {found my cell phone in the back seat} "here is your cell phone"
Me - "Oh good I did bring it with me"
[phone beeps again]
Me - "Oh goodness I have a message" {listening to my message} "That was Gayle there is no one at the party so we can go home"
John - "That's good because we're almost there"
Me - "what if I wanted to go"
John - "I think you've had enough"
Me - "why?"

Oh boy if I could only remember what else I did. I must not have had too much since I didn't wake up with a wine hangover. Thank goodness because once I have a hangover I will never drink that drink again and I really like their wine.... can you tell?

Cheers but be careful this stuff is strong.


Photos by Julee said...

Hilarious..... I am not laughing at you but with you. I think we have all been there.

jules said...

Sooooo weird.......I have been searching for my cell phone for the past hour. I never ever misplace my phone, but I cannot find it anywhere!!!

Wendy Blank said...

Connie, Connie, Connie - i'm not laughing AT you...but you do make me laugh!!!! See you Thursday!!!

The Rau's said...

Connie I'm not laughing at you...but I think Kris might be laughing at you a little bit. Do you remember talking to her? :)

Connie said...

I do remember talking to her now that you mention that. She had a cute hat on, but I haven't a clue what I said to her but I remember hanging over her.

Oh how embrassing, tell her I'm sorry and I'll never drink again.

Lynn said...

Love that picture! That is one for your corner with all the wine bottles... oh even better- print it and frame it for your show - someone needs this in their basement bar!

For some reason I pictured the entire car ride home and heard you guys talking about this "missing phone". Cracks me up!!!