Monday, September 14, 2009

Being Creative

When you take a trip with just the two of you and you have your big ole' lens on that your arm is not near long enough to hold out and get anything but your noses you have to get creative to have a picture of the two of you. How about you hang over the pier railing and take your reflection in the water.... and just maybe you forgot about your prescription sunglasses on your head and didn't have the camera strap around your neck. Thank goodness I have a tight grip on my camera at all times and my glasses stayed put on my head. hard to believe this is a reflection in water, nice jeep hair I got going on there. Blonde's have such trouble with snarls during a normal day that with 60 mph winds you must have all hairs tied down with a bandanna, hat, visor, clips, bobby pins...... or all my hair will be in my comb the next day.

1 comment:

Jules said...

I know the feeling, I do the same when we ride the Harley...Yikes!