Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mexico and too many Margaritas

Let's switch things up again here before I bore you all to tears. How about a sunset pic since they are my favorite.

I flew to Mexico and snapped a few of the sunset tonight while I drank a margarita, complete with an umbrella straw, under the palm trees.

Okay so maybe I had two to many Margaritas, complete with a fun green plastic fork, here at home and just thought I was in Mexico.

Yes I use a green plastic fork to stir my drink, its very bright and makes me smile. One day I came home from work and John was sitting on the porch drinking a Margarita with my green fork.... that didn't go over very well. First of all where is my drink and second why are you using my green fork?

Just in case I made you thirsty for Margaritas here is a Margarita slush that I make for summer nights relaxing outside or inside.

1 can frozen Limeade
2 cans frozen Lemonade
1 can frozen Orange Juice
2 cups Tequila
Mix in gallon ice cream pail and add water to fill to the top. Freeze. Serve in a tall glass, salting the rim, add 1/2 to 3/4 slush and fill remaining glass with 7-up and don't forget the fun green plastic fork. This will make you smile, guaranteed!!


Anonymous said...

ummmm- and were was my phone call? just in case you forgot 654-5428....LOL


Photos by Julee said...

Sounds good and I love margaritas. I think I will make some this weekend. BTW - love the photo - hopefully we will have lots more like it yet this "summer"