Thursday, September 17, 2009


John's brother Ken climbed out of his 18 wheeler for the very last time yesterday, he accomplished his 4 million accident free miles about a month ago and that was enough for him to decide his time was up for the working world and it was time for him to have nothing to do and everyday to do it. We are all very proud of Ken and his hard work through the years and wish him the best of luck for the future. It's a very exciting time and I'm sure his wife Tomi will be following the same plans real soon, that is after hunting season is over. That does start in September and finishes sometime in January, it's amazing how long those guys can sit in the woods on a tree stump waiting for just the right one to come walk by them.

Cheers Ken, here's to staying up late and sleeping in any day you want. But can you send my husband back home.... he has to work in the morning!


Lynn said...

I just went by a semi last night and thought, guess I don't have to look up at these guys anymore to see if it is Uncle Ken in there.

Too fun! He'll have a blast! Although, you may have to give Dad a cerfew (how in the world do you spell that word?).

Emmerichs Events said...

What a wonderful accomplishment. He should be very proud of that and enjoy his retirement. He worked hard for many years so it's time to "live the good life"