Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding time

This weekend Adam had a wedding he was standing up for.  He's stood up for weddings for family many times in his life but this was his first for a friend.  Eric and him lived together while they went to tech school.  Eric is also Jr.'s godfather.  We all love Eric and wished the best for him.  The wedding was at the winery and very casual.  Adam is the skinny guy on the far right. :)

I was in a horrible spot for taking pictures for two reasons.  1) many heads in front of me 2) the photographers were on both sides of me and I wanted to stay out of their way.  Being a photographer at a wedding and having someone else get in your way is quite frustrating so I captured Jr trying to climb the pole instead.  

Jr playing toys after the wedding, it was very cold and we were there to take Jr home when he got tired.  (come on Jr get tired and crabby, grandma is freezing)

Eric is a logger and their decorations reflected his love for the woods.

And a little Melissa charm

Eric's dad was also a woods worker and died from a heart attack while out in the woods.  This was his memorial.  

I quick iPhone picture of Adam, Adam and Monica

Great wedding, great food and frozen feet..... come on Jr get crabby just once......

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