Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall, Colors, Crazy Hair, Broken Bones...... oh my!

Our fall this year is showing some beautiful colors and you can't help but think "ahhh where's my camera" the entire drive to work and home.  Well this morning I remembered to grab my camera and we had the most beautiful sunrise.  1 mile down the road I stop to capture it...... no card.  Of course I seen everything that should have been photographed on my drive into work and home again.  So after I got home I grabbed a card and took a short drive around the block with my camera riding shotgun.  I might be super busy with photos but every camera/photo loving girl needs to take some pictures for fun.  

This tree was surrounded by some late bloomers

A wild thistle captured my interest for the foreground with the colorful woods line.

More wild weeds.... I'm laying on the side of the road right now and when you see the end of this post you'll realize just how crazy I am about taking the "right" photo at any cost.

Driving by this one woods it looked different and magical inside it.  Most of the woods are thick and dark but this one was just clear cut which made it bright inside and with the yellow, red and orange trees on the inside it brightened it up even more.  

Yep of course I went through the ditch and walked inside to capture it closer..... again just wait to find out how crazy I am.....

But it was so worth it.....

Another peek from the outside with the camouflaged green hiding the magic inside.

I found a crazy haired caterpillar that curled up in a ball.

He finally got brave and walked away

Okay so 10 days ago I was playing with Little A and I caught my foot on the step in the house.  It hit really super hard and kinda like got hooked on it.  I said a few naughty words as I landed right by Little A's toys.  I sat there and did the ouch, ouch, OMG, swear word, ouch, ouch, OMG, swear word, another swear word as Little A played with his toys and looked at me and laughed.  At this point I told John I think I broke my toe.  Fast forward an hour or so and I put my shoe on to hold my foot tight since it's hurting really bad.  It actually felt better in a shoe so I went on my normal day..... that night I took my shoe off and it was swollen and starting to turn purple.  The next day it hurt to walk and putting a shoe on was a bit painful.  I took my old surgery boot with me to work and made it until about 9:00 before that came out of the truck and became my best friend.  

Now a week passes and I wear my boot "almost" all the time, I take it off when I drive and sometimes at home.  It's feeling better, I think I might get through..... then Monday I have Senior photos and I wear my boot in the park.  The sweet boy I am photographing asked what happened and when I tell him he says "I'm really sorry you're hurt".  He was so concerned about me and of course I'm tough and don't like anyone to feel bad for me.  We head for main street for a few photos ..... this boot and driving and bending for photos is really restricting me so I think "main street hard sidewalks..... I will go without the boot"  My Senior sits on the sidewalk by the wall and I crouch down to take his photo and I'm not sure if I heard it or felt it or both but something happened in my foot that I knew wasn't good and it felt even worse.  I couldn't tell my already concerned Senior boy that I hurt myself so I finished his session without saying a word and tried to not limp too badly.  Inside I was swearing and ouching worse than the first time.

Today a trip to the doctors office and sure enough I have a broken toe.  He thought it was probably fractured from the step and then broke when I bent my foot to crouch down.  

This is the most horrible x-ray ever, this foot has had 3 surgeries already on it (you can see the screws in the big toe) and makes my foot look horrible but my foot is laying on it's side and it's the pinky toe that is broke.  Now how crazy am I to get the right shot?  No wonder I don't heal well and John thinks I'm the worst patient ever......

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