Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Up North

Labor Day weekend up north... Lynn, Jesse and the kids brought up their camper and Adam and Jr came up too.  It was a bit cool one morning (or two) and this was my view from the kitchen.  

Boys playing games on their phones......

Melanie might be a bit bored with the boy stuff.  

After the girls went garage sailing the sun kinda came out and warmed up a bit to sit by the fire.  Melanie is a big fan of the outdoors and Grandpa Greats swing was her favorite spot.

She's starting to be so smiley and recognizes our voices.  She is such a good baby, hardly ever cries.

Jr is still a really good boy, he plays so hard all day long and by bedtime he doesn't even wiggle.

The cousins played toys so well together.

Gayle spent Saturday afternoon with us and spent most of her time playing with the kids.  

It did get warm enough for a kayak ride for the boys.  The river is high again so it didn't take them long to get back.  

Ended our night with a Jenga game.  We played elimination if you lost..... Usually I do pretty well at the game by this time I was second person sent to the dog pound.  

Since I was out it gave me time to finally get pictures of the campers in the yard.   I love this look until the day they all pull out.  

Mallory was still in the game and she was really good at it.

Max and Mally doing their yoga practice.  

Jerry and Steph were up too,  Steph trying to hid behind the leaning tower and make a record move.  She started row 33

Then it was John's turn........ he joined me in the Dog Pound!!

Even with the rain and cooler weather we had a great time, it was such a relaxing weekend and great to wake up and do it all over again.  

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