Sunday, September 7, 2014

Storm Damage Up North

We had storms here on Thursday morning but nothing terrible, it got black and winds starting whipping and the rain came down in sheets and dropped a couple inches in a short time.  It really wasn't that terrible however on Friday John heard our little town up north on the news and how bad it was up there.  His gut feeling was to drive up on Friday night to check things out.  So we did and as we are driving down the few side roads there are trees that were cut off the roads in many locations.  Our guts started to hurt and the truck got slower and slower not wanting to know what we would find.  

It's like a train wreck we want to see but don't want to see..... we are stretching our necks to see inside the yard before we even get there and everything looks good.  John says "I think we're fine" and then I say "I don't think that's good"  One of our trees fell near the house and took the power line down with it, it pulled the wire off the cottage and laid it right down onto the LP tank with the tree on top of it.  

John went to check inside to see if we had power yet, we did, not sure why but that was the best news ever.  It pulled it off the house but the line fell off the pole which gave it enough slack to stretch it down vs pulling it out.  

We headed to the neighbors to call the electric company and wait for them to get there.  We headed to the other side of the cottage and there are branches everywhere and the river is really high.  

We could sit in our chairs and put our feet in the water.  

While we waited I picked up some of the branches.  

Another big tree is down that will take a bit to get it out.

The electric guys got there and they asked what was the issue.  John told him the power line was lying down onto the LP tank.... the guy says "well move the LP tank, it's not our issue"  He was a pretty funny guy and was dragging.  He had about 2 hours of sleep since the storm went through and we are his last stop before he can go home. 

He wasn't scared he went right in there and started cutting the tree off the wire. 

Then they had to reattach the wires to the house.  He came down that ladder pretty quickly and said "I'm done, there are black jacket bees under the siding"  He handed us a can of spray and said if you got power we will be back on Monday.  Bees are gone and we'll have to clean up the mess when they are done.  

We didn't plan on spending the night but cleaning and burning the branches sounded like too much fun. 

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