Sunday, September 21, 2014

Melanie Mae is 3 months

Melanie Mae is 3 months already.  It seems like she has always been with us but kinda crazy that 3 months has already passed us by.  She is the best baby ever, I know I said that about Jr too but seriously all our grand babies were such good babies..... okay so maybe Maxwell wasn't (flash back of his first night by grandma isn't so good) but he's good now :)

Melanie has one issue...... she does not like her picture taken.  She freaks out by any camera pointed at her.  She becomes an instant wiggle monster and makes the crabby face and ends us with crying.  I follow lots of new moms on instagram and wonder why Lynn doesn't show off Melanie on there.  She can't because what you get of her with a cell phone would not be showing her off...... I tried many times too, she hates the camera.  

So today's challenge was getting her to be good in front of the camera and get Max and Mallory to look at the same time.  Well we got one photo of the three of them.  Yep ONE that is it but when you're this cute you only need one.  

So trying to get pictures of Melanie wasn't working she was crabby, now she's been here since Friday and we haven't heard a peep out of her before now.  She normally sleeps with her hands on her blanket and the blanket has to go over her face.  We are lucky we got her face out of her blanket.

She woke up really quick and did her usual chew on her hands. 

Then it was cranky time again.  So off to sleep she goes again.  

This hand made prop was a gift Lynn had gotten a bit too late but it was to cute not to try to stuff her in it.  

Her great aunt DiAnn knitted her a dress and of course she looks like a doll in it.  She had a bit of a nap so we got a few smiles from her but not many.  

DiAnn also made a hat to match.  She's too darn cute in it.

This is her usual Maxwell move.  He talks to her and she punches him, I think she was trying to tell me...... "photoshoot is over Grandma"  and I listened.

Now she needs to slow down a bit and let us all enjoy her being a baby.  

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