Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Wheelin' ride

Lynn and the kids came for the weekend, her plan was to go for a wheeler ride and eat pizza from a bar.  Our kids might have grown up on "bar cooked" pizza and have cravings for it every now and again.  When they were little (okay so maybe when they were older too) we would spend every Sunday at the bar (Grandma Lea and Grandpa Earl owned a bar so don't freak out that we were bad parents and let them take naps on the pool table, play video games, chase cousins in the parking lot, explore the ball field, sit in barstools, play with sand toys in the horseshoe pits....) and pizza cooked in the pizza over was our breakfast, dinner and supper... 

Saturday the sun was shining and the weather was perfect for some wheeling so Lynn made a couple calls to her uncles and we headed out.    Lynn had Melanie (yep she is 3 months and already wheelin), Mallory and Adam Jr. with her.  

Jr is wearing Elly's pink bike helmet.  Good thing his daddy wasn't here.

I think fall happened over night.  It was a beautiful ride.

We came to a road/trail that had rushing water running over it.  They checked it out and Ken said we weren't getting across.  He was worried about Lynn with her precious cargo and now he was driving Mallory and she was telling him not to go through it.  

John thinks it can be done so I get off so he can try it.  

He made it so the plan was for Ken or Ed to go across and bring John back to drive Lynn and the kids across.  Lynn was having no part of that, she had no fear and could do it herself.   She is a Frey and her husband has taught her well.

This was on our way back.  Ken in the lead, Lynn, Ed and then us.  

We didn't have pizza at a bar but we did head to the hunting cabin and have bar cooked pizza there.  It was a great ride, Melanie slept through the whole thing and the other kids did great. 

After the ride it's bath time to wash all those dusty dirty kids.  

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