Friday, May 11, 2012

There's a bear in the tree!!!

There's a bear in the tree...... right down the road.

Okay so do you think I'm a bit close to a momma bear in the a tree with her cub on her back?  When will I ever learn to take safety into consideration when getting the perfect shot?  So let's go under the tree to the other side so i can get her cute little face.... yea that's my thinking

Isn't she cute and she couldn't hurt me right?  Her claws aren't that long and pointy..... Okay so maybe we should have thought about no being so close but she was so comfy up there.  These photos were taken about 7PM and she had climbed up there about 5AM that day, she wasn't coming down.  The DNR or police didn't seem to want to help this family with a bear in their backyard so they played the waiting game until she was ready to come down.  These photos were taken right from their patio.  

I did think about not being very safe a couple times during her photoshoot.  I knew I couldn't run faster than her but I was pretty sure I could run faster than John so I felt a bit safer.


Laura's Journey said...

WOW!! What a beautiful picture. This would make a lovely print!

wendy blank said...

Good job Connie...but yes, I do wish you would consider SAFETY when you take your pictures....LOL - the pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!