Sunday, May 20, 2012

Charlie 6 months - Sneak Peek

 Back when Lynn was going into 1st grade she had to transfer to a different school so being the worried mom that I am I wondered if the kids would accept her or be mean to her.  Come on I know it's fun to be mean to the new kid.... I'm sure I did it myself :)

I was talking with another mom and she told me that her daughter, Sarah, was in the same grade so she would tell her to watch for Lynn and be her friend.  She did and they were friends all through school.  Sarah called me the other day to see if I could take pictures of her little boy.  I swear this little man is as sweet as she is, he's tall for 6 months but so tiny and light.  It could be that I'm used to picking up Maxwell.  Those big blue eyes and that cute little face..... I ate him right up and he loved all the snuggles he could get. 

He was sitting really well already which makes my job lots easier and with his cuteness I enjoyed ever minute of it. 

Grandma loves to buy him clothes so we had plenty of outfit changes.

Oh Charlie you make my heart melt....

He had a new swimming outfit so I grabbed the basket that we used to put our towels in at the city pool.  Sarah even remembered putting her towels in those baskets.  

Thank you Sarah for letting me snuggle with Charlie, I love his name.  

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