Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Sneak Peek 1 Year Older

This family was here about a year ago and had some pretty sweet photos.  The 3 boys are so fun and energetic, they knew their little sister would be a bit shy in front of the camera so they stayed in position for when we could get her in.  

We tried to distract her with a tea party which worked for about 7 seconds. 

Right here is when she noticed mom got too far away from her.

The three boys hammed it up while she warmed up a bit more.

Even a change of shirts..... love the tough boy look.

Little washed out look for those tough boys.  Dad bought these shirts for them so this was his request.

We got her to sit on the horse for another 7 seconds so mom could have a 2 year photo for her wall.  Grandma was with and said she had the same problem with her mother's 2 year photo, she only got one pose and there was a big ball in it.  I guess it was payback time and sometimes you just have to let the kids be who they are.

Since the horse was a bit of a hit we quickly changed those boys back to their polo shirts and tried to get one more.  

No matter what these children are adorable and very sweet, this mom is very proud of her children and should continue to be.  Such a beautiful family.

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