Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tree Hugger no more

Up north at the cottage we were on a dead end black top road.  Lots of trees between us and the neighbors.  We might not be in the front yard very often but it was a beautiful place with lots of trees. It was the perfect location for parking campers, the trees provided lots of shade.  Here is a photo of the front yard as of last summer.

Then this happened.....  They removed all the black top and cut down all the trees on both sides of the road.  What a shame.....

All so they can build the road up to code, a dead end road in the middle of nowhere 

We won't be getting used to this site for a long time.

The openness doesn't only effect us it effects everyone on the road and they live there full time so I'm sure they are a bit more upset then we are.  

Along with the missing trees comes the mess.  John assures me they are not done.  This will get worse before it gets better.

Now for the back yard.......  We had a couple fires already on the deck

This was a few weekends ago when the ice was still on the river.

Can't wait to see the open water under my kayak.   And hopefully we still have a front yard for campers when they are done with their "code"

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