Saturday, March 7, 2015

G-baby #7

Adam and Monica are expecting baby #2 in July and since there were a few complications during her  pregnancy we decided to not do an announcement picture until we knew more of what was happening.  

The first months Monica was so sick she couldn't even keep water down, she gave us a scare a few times with being so tired and dehydrated that a couple trips to the ER were needed.  

Next came the news of a blood clot attached to the baby during her first ultrasound that sometimes can cause miscarriage or the chance that the baby will not survive the entire pregnancy.   The next few days were pretty sad and worrisome but then we accepted that this was in God's hands and we were to pray for the best for everyone.  We still worried but knew we couldn't do anything about it but accept what was to happen.  The next ultrasound was the day before we left for vacation...... the doctor decided to wait another month.  Are you kidding me??  More waiting.....

This last week they finally got the ultrasound to say the clot has dissolved, which is what they are supposed to do, the babies health is good, and the sex of the baby was determined.  Holding your breath for 4 months is pretty scary but when the all clear is released it lets down lots of tears.  Adam and Monica wanted to tell us the sex of the baby in a special way so when I drove home on Wednesday I knew there was going to be a sign somewhere for me to know if our next grandchild was to be a boy or girl.  I have to be honest I thought when I drove by Adam's house there would have been something on the mailbox or all the snow in their yard was going to be pink or blue...... NOTHING!!  

My heart may have sunk a little, as I pouted the next mile to our house I didn't even see the sign until I pulled into the driveway.  I had to back out of the driveway and back onto the road in front of the house to look at the street view I missed.   I got a quick iPhone photo so you could see what the baby will be. 

Oh you can't see it?  Good thing I grabbed another photo in the morning before I headed off to work.  

Grand baby #7 is 90% chance a GIRL. 

So today was the announcement photo and since Monica couldn't eat a thing while having morning sickness she can eat now and baby girl is making up for lost time.  She has many crazy cravings which includes drinking pickle juice for real, as soon as we took the lid off the jar she was drinking it.  This isn't my original idea, of course I found it on Pinterest, but it sums up their little family right now so we knew this was it.

Yes the book is upside down, that was planned.  If you know Adam at all you know he does not read, ever.  So asking him to read a book was so not him but he will read to Jr so we grabbed a children's book and flipped it upside down.

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