Monday, March 2, 2015

March Challenge - Early Signs of Spring

Yesterday I posted the March challenge for early signs of spring..... then tonight my niece calls me and says "the neighbors are back sunning themselves in the window"...... I'm there.  Well last year I walked down to the corner, this year it's freezin' out there..... I drove  

Couldn't figure out how the heck she was laying.... I could see her tail and her face at the same time.

I was there for quite awhile and she never moved, even with me right below the window.

You never know when you might need your brothers butt as a pillow....  then I hooted!!

and they were on the move.  See that hole above the window?  

They disappeared into the hole.  I would love to know how many live in this house.  Okay maybe I don't want to know.

The moon was out while it was still daylight.  Since I was already out in the cold I might as well get that shot too.

Happy early signs of spring month..... what do you see?

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