Thursday, March 5, 2015

Raelynn and Aubree

Sweet 6 month Raelynn was a happy baby.  Her dark eyes could melt your heart with one blink.  

What's a girl to do with a lampshade...... tip it over and have a baby sit in it of course.

Big Sister Aubree is almost two and she was on the move.  One of the ways I could get her to sit still for more than 10 seconds was to put her on a chair or bench and put a hat on her head.  

Getting these two girls to both look, Aubree to sit still when Raelynn is looking was a bit challenging but all you need is one where they are both looking at the camera.  Mission accomplished!

Got a few of the whole family which was another tough battle but again, all you need is one.  I loved this one in black and white.....

This smiles says........ getting your pictures taken by Connie is so much fun :)

Such a sweet family and I got to spend snuggle time with the girls.

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