Thursday, May 16, 2013

Up North Spring TIme

I've been missing from my blog a little more than I like but life got busy on me and I had to chose what to let slack and my personal posts were put on the back burner for a while.  But don't think that I didn't pull out my camera for enjoyment during that time, I did lots and lots of fun things and will somehow get to share them all with you.  I'm not usually a go back and post something from an earlier date but some of them are too fun not to share.  

Last weekend we went to the cottage, John's back was okay, not great but either he takes it easy at home or up there.  We did get a few things done up there, I did all the heavy lifting and John did what he could.  We make a pretty good team :)

Saturday afternoon was snowing, I had engagement photos that were cancelled up there due to wanting a spring look..... snow flurries does not cut it.  So we took a break from the inside work and wandered outside for a while.   It is starting to look like spring even with the snow flurries, flowers are blooming and trees are budding out.  We still have a pile of snow up there but we'll ignore that for awhile.

Water is still very high and flooding the bottom part of our land.  

The sky was so blue and I loved the green contrast against the blue.

At one point during the day we sat down for a cocktail and snack.  We sat in the dining room and watched the river flow by.  As I'm sitting there this animal swims up to the edge and stops for awhile and then he heads out of a swim again.  I was scrambling for my camera but the little guy was hiding in the brush so I missed him on land.  Here he is swimming away.

I zoomed in closer for a better look.  Not sure what he is

Sunday morning was beautiful sitting on the deck drinking hot chocolate and watching the birds and the river.  I think we sat there for a couple hours.  

Soon we'll be able to put the kayaks in and explore beyond the land.  I am super excited about that and tried to talk John into letting me go but he said no..... he is right, the water is super high and flows into places that may be difficult to steer clear of.  It won't be long though.

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