Monday, May 27, 2013

Long Weekend Up North

Our first long weekend up north.  We got there Thursday and settled in with an Ol' Fashion.  My sister Gayle spent the night with us too.  

Friday morning Gayle and I headed to the garage sales and John stayed back and fixed some plumbing.  Gayle and I filled the truck with treasures at one sale.   

I didn't take my camera out too much this weekend but here is some of what I did get.  My branch I normally take pictures of I still can't get to so this is the best I can do for now.  I wanted a 4 season picture in the same spot but spring isn't going to happen.  

Ron and Rondi came to visit and I happen to have my camera in my lap, not sure why I did but this random duck flew by and I just aimed and fired at him.  Got him :)

I'm not sure what John is telling Ron but I guess Ron doesn't really care.

It was a great visit with Ron and Rondi, good food, great view and good wine to pass the day.   Here is a shot of the river from our deck at night when the sun is going down.  I could sit on this deck all day long.  (I think I did sit outside all weekend)

We had more visitors from Ed and Jeannie and then Shawna, Mike and the boys came too.  It was a beautiful weekend for sitting outside.

I had taken the kayak out a couple times already but John hadn't.  So Monday he decides he better take a spin.  The current is pretty fast right by us so as soon as you get out there you have to paddle hard to keep from going downstream.  

He is finally heading downstream and this is where you can relax a bit.

But then paddling starts again to get into shore.

I of course couldn't stand it, my arms were killing me but seeing John out there made me want to take another spin before we left.

John getting a bit creative with my camera while I was gone.  This is the sun's reflection in the river.

The view of both kayaks on the river bank

Our visitor

Great weekend.

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