Sunday, May 5, 2013

Two sweet baby boys + Sneak Peek

Been a bit behind lately so these two boys will have to share a post, they shared a hospital stay and I'm sure in the future they will be sharing a classroom and probably even a few sports events.  

Our first baby boy has a head of hair that doesn't quit.  He was sweet and neighbors even stopped to snuggle him.  

Once he got to sleep he slept hard.  

Mom got a cute puppy hat that we had to have him wear, it is the cutest thing ever.

Our next baby was a bit smaller but just as cute.  He was also a fighter of sleep so we took a few with Mommy snuggling him.

Well he was asleep but woke up quickly to see what was happening.  

He is so cute on mommy's blanket and his stuffed monster from Grandma.

He also got a hat as a gift so of course we had to try it on.  

Oh my sweetness, 

He also got a cocoon and hat that is soooooo cute.  The button seriously makes this photo.  Oh the baby does too but love the button.

Thank you to both mommies and baby boys.  I love every moment that I spent with you.

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Laura's Journey said...

Silas ( and his mama ) are so photogenic!