Saturday, May 4, 2013

Birthday Weekend Up North - Cut Short

So we've been planning a weekend up north for my birthday for some time.  I usually get the Friday near my birthday off from work due to Employee Appreciation Week and for me that's a special bonus.  So it's now May and we have snow.  Oh well it's up north we go, no matter how much snow we have up there.  We had a lot of snow up there, about 7" of fresh heavy snow.  We got up there on Friday afternoon and started working on a few projects we had going on.  We opted to go out for my birthday on Saturday night and spend Friday night watching movies and enjoying a few Old Fashions.  We watched a few deer playing outside our living room window that night and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the "up north" air.  If you've never been camping or staying up north you just can't explain it, it's heaven.  

I forced myself to sleep in Saturday morning, it was 6:30 and I already had felt like I forced another 2 hours of sleep.  I did manage to sleep a bit longer and then it was lounging with coffee and hot chocolate while watching the trees drip from the heavy wet snow.  As I looked out the window I just felt pulled to this pine outside the window.  So in my jammies I put on my boots and wondered around outside.  

As I got down to the river a couple geese were floating by.

The river is a bit high.  Good thing we are way up a hill.  The river is usually back by those trees and brush.  

This is the path I normally walk down.

The trees are covered in ice and are so pretty.

The pines are dripping from all the heavy snow it's raining over my head.

I got back to the cottage and begged John to take a walk with me.  He's so easy..... even with only 1 cup of coffee in him I can talk him into taking a walk, it was beautiful outside and smelled so fresh.  Our pink flamingo didn't really like all the snow he has to sit in.

On our walk I took a few winter pictures.......... in May

Poor little tree.... that snow is so heavy.

I talked him into going back down by the river for so more pictures with my other lens.

We have major flooding happening here.

After a while..... quite awhile we go back inside and get to work on our projects again.  It wasn't an hour later and John hurt his back, like hurt his back so badly he almost passed out.  Thank goodness he did it right by the front door that I could open it to get him some fresh air.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with him as he cannot move.  I mean like cannot move.  So I finally got him sitting in a chair next to the door, ice on his back and he's still on the verge of passing out.  He's starting to see colors, stars and is as white as a ghost.  I grabbed some ice and held it to his head and tried to lean him over as far as he could go without yelling in pain.  The door is open and I begged him not to pass out on me.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with him if he did as he would have fallen off the chair and then with his back not able to get up.  Well after about 30 minutes he's better and there is color back in his face.  I loaded up the truck, somehow got him out to it and we're home.  It was a long drive home and of course I had to pass up about a dozen garage sale signs......... he was already in the truck so I tried to talk him into letting me stop.  He said yes but his teeth gritting in pain told me no.  

We've been icing his back every 30 minutes and he seems to be doing much better.  I got garden work done at home since there is no snow here.  Not sure we would have been able to sit outside in shorts up north. we would have had to shovel out the fire pitt,  so maybe John's back did us a favor this time.  Hopefully he gets back to normal before next weekend because we left a mess up there.

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